Saturday, 3 May 2014

Dog and Snipe, Folds Road

Folds Road pictured in May 2012 (Copyright Google Street View). The Dog and Snipe was situated on the corner of Turton Street, which goes up to the right of the traffic signals. Folds Road was widened in the mid-seventies and the pub was demolished as part of the widening of the junction with Turton Street. The actual site of the pub was at the filter on to Folds Road by the traffic lights.

The Dog and Snipe was situated at 181 Folds Road, Bolton, on the corner of Turton Street.

The pub was a beerhouse dating back to at least 1849 it appeared on the list of Little Bolton beerhouses. The brewery was in existence by 1888 and brewer Samuel Smith moved to the pub towards the end of the nineteenth century. Smith expanded the business beyond the Dog and Snipe to include the Lodge Bank Tavern on Bridgeman Street as well as a small number of pubs in Bolton and Horwich. The  Northfield  Club on Bankfield Street, Deane was one of those.

Samuel Smith was succeeded by his son – also named Samuel – and he appears to have run the business until 1935 when the pub, the brewery and the small tied estate were sold to Dutton’s of Blackburn.

The Dog and Snipe obtained a full drinks licence in 1961 and became a Whitbread pub when they took over Dutton’s in 1964. The pub closed in 1973 along with a number of other properties including the nearby Waterloo Tavern.

There are appear to be no photos of the Dog and Snipe. In 2000 the Bolton Evening News published an appeal from a reader asking for photos of the pub from one of Samuel Smith’s descendents though there is nothing to suggest the appeal was successful. 


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  2. My family was the last people in dog and snipe

  3. Northfield club, Northfield street missing off the list

  4. I have a very badly degraded image of the Dog and Snipe

  5. It's a shame the photos is degraded. I think the only photos I've ever seen of the Dog and Snipe are in the 'Britain from Above' aerial pics. There is photographic evidence of very few old pubs.